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[be warned she'll kill you, be warned she'll kill us all]

Name: dave.
Stomping Ground(location): ontario/canada.
age: fifteen.
15 Favourite Bands:
1. city of caterpillar
2. saetia
3. this ship will sink
4. godspeedyou!blackemperor
5. maximillian colby
6. heroin
7. portraits of past
8. the appleseed cast
9. mogwai
10. explosions in the sky
11. jeromes dream
12. union of uranus
13. orchid
14. combatwoundedveteran
15. the assistant
Five Movies: parsley days, the royal tannenbaums, the life aquatic, X, hero
Where You Throwdown(venue you attend for shows): club rockit, shadow, etc
Favourite Merch Item You've Bought At A Show: light blue hopesfall tee (when they were still good)
Most Memorable Show: from fiction/scars of tomorrow/fear before the march of flames. small venue, good crowd, so intense.

And last but not least.
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