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Be Warned She'll Kill You, Be Warned She'll Kill Us All.

I am your mod.

Name: Adam
Stomping Ground(location): Cohoes, New York
Age: 16
15 Favourite Bands:
1. Most Precious Blood
2. One King Down
3. The Chariot
4. Walls of Jericho
5. Cold War
6. Full Blown Chaos
7. Save Yourself
8. Throwdown
9. Nora
10. Norma Jean
11. Agnostic Front
12. It Dies Today
13. Killswitch Engage
14. Bleeding Through
15. Martyr A.D.
Five Movies: Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Resivour Dogs, Full Metal Jacket, and Saw.
Where You Throwdown(venue you attend for shows): The Hudson Duster, and Saratoga Winners
Favourite Merch Item You've Bought At A Show: The Chariot Military Cap
Most Memorable Show: I would have to say the Walls of Jericho and Bury Your Dead show. I mean it was perfect. It had snowed that night so not as many people came out. But I did. And it was insane because the place wasn't crowded at all. It was perfect for just dancing with everyone and have a good fuckin' time.

And last but not least.
Two Pictures: See User Info.

Yes I applied to my own community, but even auto-accepts need to apply considering I would like to know about you.
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